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cheap calls to bulgaria
Enjoy Cheap Calls to China with Vectone Mobile

No matter where in Chine you want to call, you’ll always get the best international rates with Vectone Mobile. So why wait? Simply order your free SIM and enjoy great rates on landline or mobile calls with our cheap international call rates.
Make the Most of Vectone to Vectone Calls

Our exclusive Vectone to Vectone calls mean you’ll never have to pay to call friends and family on the Vectone mobile network! If your loved ones use the Vectone Mobile network too, you can enjoy international calls to each other, absolutely free! 


Get Smart Rates

Choose the smart way to pay, with Vectone Mobile’s exclusive Smart Rates! To get cheaper international rates for longer conversations, simply top up every month, and text SMART to 345 from your Vectone Mobile number. Make the smart choice for your mobile.

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