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Mobile Internet Settings
Mobile Web Settings

Access the internet from your phone to find out what’s happening on Facebook or to check your messages on email, download games, music, ringtones etc...

How to Activate?

To use Data, you need to enable it first. There are three options below explaining how you can enable your data – just choose the one that’s easiest for you.

Please note that our APN address is

We recommend that you enable your data on this page right now, by entering your Vectone Mobile number in the box below. Alternatively, you can simply send us a text message or you can call our Customer Services team.

Activate Your Data Online

Enter your Vectone Mobile number in the box on the right and click Submit. e.g. 447572 6XXXX.

Open the text message and enter the PIN Code - 1234.

Follow the on-screen instructions and if your phone asks you to save the new setting, select YES or OK.

Enter your
Vectone Mobile number

If that doesn’t work

Got an iPhone OS or Android OS?

iPhone OS or Android users will need to set their data APN manually. All you need to do is change your Access Point Name (APN) to in your network/data configuration settings. Click to see instructions to enable data manually for iPhone OS or Android.

Important note:

Data should work automatically with all other OS handsets as soon as you enable it. If you still have issues getting it to work, we advise setting the Access Point Name (APN) to in your handset, then turning the internet connection off and on again.

Haven’t got an iPhone OS or Android OS?

If you have a different phone and the methods mentioned did not work, select your telephone manufacturer and model below and follow the instructions.

Select your Handset manufacturer
Select Your Model

Note: Internet can’t be used with Blackberry phones.