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If you have a business outside of Portugal or if you have recently moved to Portugal with friends and family back home, our landline on mobile feature is just what you are looking for!

Setting up a virtual local office in another country is easy with Landline on Mobile. Choose the country, city and number then select your subscription period. Now you have a international landline number that directs to your Vectone Mobile in Portugal and makes you appear local, professional and ready for business

Wouldn’t it be good to keep costs down by giving loved ones a local rate number to call? With landline on mobile, you can choose a number in a country and city that suites you. Calls to the number are charged at standard rates wherever you are in the world, so loved ones can keep in touch with you just as though you’d never left the country.

  • Available to Pay As You Go customers
  • Give your business the credibility of having a local number
  • Peace of mind because you will never miss a call again
  • From just 6€ a month
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Here’s what our existing landline on mobile service users have to say:

“As a constant frequent flyer to Portugal from the UK, landline on mobile feature ensures that I have a permanent London landline number for friends and family to keep in touch with me.”
- Diana, London, UK

“For a cod fish importer like me with clients in Norway, landline on mobile makes it cheaper and convenient for my clients to get in touch with me.
- Gabriel, Lisbon, Portugal

“I have recently moved from Poland for a short course here in Coimbra. This feature helps my mother contact me regularly, without paying international call charges.”
- Paulina, Warsaw, Poland

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