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Earn €5 every time someone you recommend joins Vectone

For every friend you refer who Tops Up their new Vectone SIM card with €10 or more, you’ll receive €5 bonus credit. The more people you refer the more free credit you receive.

Plus don’t forget, you’ll also be able to make free calls between numbers in the Vectone Countries.

How to recommend your friends and earn rewards.

  • Log in to My Vectone
  • Click on “Refer now” on the Referral Bonus tab.
  • Click on “Invite a friend to join” and enter your friend's e-mail address.
  • Your friend receives an email invitation to join Vectone
  • We send an email invite with a link to your friend so they can order a Vectone SIM directly.
  • You collect your €5 reward
  • Once your friend has Topped Up by €10 or more we’ll give you €5 bonus credit.
  • This offer is only for PAYG Vectone Mobile customers.
  • We won’t pay any bonus that the results from repeat transactions from the same individuals and/or fraudulent transactions.
  • Rewards are subject to a qualifying Top Up, wherein, the referral is expected to Top Up using a credit/debit card which has not been used on the Vectone Mobile website previously.
  • Vectone reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and the conditions at any time or to cancel your account in case of repeat/fraudulent transactions.

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