Number Port-in

A Simple Switch!

Are you switching from your previous network provider, but want to retain your number? If you already have a Vectone SIM, the process is easier than ever!

At Vectone, we understand a mobile number represents your virtual identity. We also understand the difficulties that can come with changing your number, including losing touch with your friends and family!

This is why we have decided to make the number port-in process as simple as possible.

Just follow these 3 easy steps!

Simply key in your number
& type the activation code

Validate the details on
our easy-to-fill form

All done! You’re almost ready
to have your number ported-in

Transfer Your Number in 3 Easy Steps

Confirm my number

You will shortly receive a text message displaying a numerical 6-digit code. This number allows you to secure the port-in process. If you fail to receive this message within 5 minutes, please try again.