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Transfer credit Transfer credit
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Transfer calling credit to friends and family anywhere in the world with your Vectone Mobile.
A credit transfer is a great gift and helps them keep in touch too.

You can transfer credit up to a limit of 10€ a day to:

For example, if your aunt in Morocco has run out of credit on her mobile,
you can transfer credit from your Portuguese Vectone Mobile to your aunt’s in the local currency, instantly.
Simply follow the instructions below.

Transfer credit by SMS

  • Text the word LOAD followed by the mobile number of the person you want to contact.

    EG: LOAD 919878334540
  • Send your message to 346. Follow the instructions that we send to you.

Transfer credit online

  • Log in to My Vectone
  • Click “Credit Transfer”.
  • If you have transferred credit to your contact overseas before, choose their number from the “My recipients” list..
    ALTERNATIVELY if you are transferring credit to your overseas contact for the first time, go to “Add a New Recipient”.
  • Choose the amount you would like to transfer and confirm.
  • Once the transfer is complete we will notify you via a text message.

Call our Helpline

  • Call our Customer Service on 126 from your Vectone Mobile.
  • Select Credit Transfer from the main menu and follow the instructions.
  • This offer is only for Portugal PAYG Vectone Mobile customers.
  • Vectone reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and the Conditions at any time.

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