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The free WiFi App that makes it easier to stay in touch

Exclusively for Vectone mobile users like you, our free WiFi App allows you to keep in touch for less, wherever you are. You can make and receive calls using your Vectone mobile number on iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets and even your PC.

Connect even when there’s no signal

Bad signal?
Not able to receive or make calls?

It’s no problem anymore because with Vectone App you can make and receive phone calls using your mobile over WiFi.

Connect using Vectone App and avoid Roaming charges

Don’t like Roaming Charges?
Neither do we.

With our new Free Vectone APP you can use any Wi-Fi connection to make and receive calls on your Vectone mobile number from anywhere in the world – as if you are still in the Portugal, completely avoiding any Roaming charges.

Connect multiple devices and switch between them

Vectone App connects up to five devices simultaneously and you can switch between them to receive and make calls

What’s more you can talk and SMS to your friends and family even if your phone has run out of power. That’s because you can download our App to your Tablet or PC and use them instead of your phone

Connect to your loved ones abroad for free

Calls from one Vectone App to another Vectone App don’t cost anything. So make sure your family back home have a Vectone SIM and then tell them to download our free Vectone App onto their smartphones.

That way you can each other for as long as you like for nothing. Happy families! How to give your friends and family abroad our free Vectone App

How to give your friends and family abroad our free Vectone App

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