Setting Up Internet on iPhone OS

Follow the steps below to set up Vectone Mobile internet on your iPhone

Setting up your mobile internet can be a hard task, particularly if you don’t have clear instructions to follow. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide on setting up the mobile data network on your iPhone. Follow the steps below to have your Vectone Mobile internet connection working perfectly, and start making the most of your data package.


  • Step1.Select Settings on the main Menu/Application.

  • Step2. Next,selectthe tab with Mobile Data and proceed.

  • Step3. Select Mobile Data Options and turn roaming on.

  • Step4.Select Mobile Data Network – this is where you need to fill in your mobile internet network provider details.

  • Step5. In the APN field, please write the following:
By completingthese stepsyou will be able to use our mobile data network and enjoy the best of our services. If you have any questions about setting up the internet on your iPhone, or you want to contact us regarding the other services Vectone Mobile provides, please contact us

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