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What does Vectone Xtra cost?

The Vectone Xtra App is free to download and install. Calls and texts that you make through Vectone Xtra either cost the same or less as they normally would on your mobile and use the same credit balance as you mobile (so you don’t need to top up separately). You can use Wi-Fi or the mobile data network for making calls.

Can I use Vectone Xtra to call the emergency services on 112?

Emergency calls are not supported on the Vectone Xtra App.

Can I have Vectone Xtra open on more than one device at the same time?

Yes, you can have it open and running on up to five devices at once (but you can install it on as many devices as you like). Remember, you can only make and receive calls, texts and get voicemail if you're logged in on that device.

Does the person I'm calling or texting need to have Vectone Xtra on their phone?

No. You can call any phone number, except premium rate ones. To call premium rate numbers or shortcodes, you'll need to use your phone as you would normally do.

Where can I get the Vectone Xtra App?

You can download the Vectone Xtra App from the App Store or Google Play, or click here to download the application for PC. The App runs on iPhone and iPod Touch (with iOS 5.0 or higher), Android phones (with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 or higher) and PCs with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Which of my devices will work with Vectone Xtra?

Vectone App is a new service and we’re working to support as many devices as possible. Vectone App has been tested and works on the following devices:

Android: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung.

iOS: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4.

Does the app use up my data allowance?

Yes. If you’re using mobile data, Vectone App will use data from your data allowance. If you use WiFi you can avoid mobile data network charges. If you're using a data connection on another device for calls and texts, like using 3G on your device, the data you use will come out of your device data allowance.

Can I disable 3G/mobile network usage on the app?

Yes. You can disable mobile network usage by disabling the mobile network in your phone’s settings.

What does it cost to use Vectone Xtra abroad?

If you're using Vectone Xtra over the mobile network, you'll have to pay normal mobile data roaming charges. If you're using Vectone Xtra over WiFi, your calls and texts will cost the same as they would if you were in Portugal – and will come out of your monthly allowance. If you keep your mobile data switched on while you're abroad, your Timeline will keep using it to sync in the background. Data roaming can be expensive. You should therefore disable mobile data networks in your phone or device settings to avoid excessive data charges. This includes using a 3G connection on your device. If you're connected to Wi-Fi, you can sync your Timeline for free.

What does it cost to receive calls and texts through Vectone Xtra when I'm abroad?

If you're on Wi-Fi only, it's free. But if you leave mobile data enabled while you're abroad, it'll keep syncing in the background over the mobile network and you'll have to pay the roaming charges for using data abroad, which can be very expensive. So before you leave, check your settings to make sure data roaming is switched off.

What does it cost to make calls and texts through Vectone Xtra when I'm abroad?

If you call or text over the mobile network, you'll be charged the normal roaming rate. If you call or text on Wi-Fi only, it'll cost the same as it would if you were in Portugal. In other words, calls and texts back to Portugal will come out of your monthly allowance while calls to international numbers will be charged as if you were in Portugal. If you're not connected to Wi-Fi and try to make a call through Vectone Xtra, you'll see a popup telling you that your call will be made using the 3G data network.

Can I call premium rate numbers or text shortcodes from Vectone Xtra?

No. These aren't supported by Vectone Xtra. To call premium rate numbers or shortcodes, you'll need to use your phone as normal.

How do I switch between mobile network & Wi-Fi?

We are working to provide an option in our app allowing you to switch between your mobile network and Wi-Fi. Currently, you must use your mobile phone settings to switch between the mobile network and Wi-Fi.

How do I access my contacts on multiple devices?

On an iPhone, you can share your contacts using iCloud. On Android, you can access your contacts across different devices using Gmail.

Who can use Vectone Xtra?

Only Pay As You Go customers can use Vectone Xtra. Pay Monthly customers will be supported soon. You will need your mobile phone to hand in order to activate Vectone Xtra, as an activation code will be sent to your phone.


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